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Johannes Tippmann

Steinecker GmbH
Developing Engineer

EBC Congress

Dr. Johannes Tippmann graduated as a Dipl.-Ing. of Brewing and Beverage Technology from TUM in Weihenstephan. After his graduation, he worked as a PhD student on the Chair of Process Engineering with Prof. Sommer, where he collected his knowledge about process engineering in brewing. The main area of his research was solids handling in mashing and lautering.

After that he joined the Chair of Brewing and Beverage Technology (Prof. Becker) as scientific Post Doc, Group Leader of a research group for Beverage Process Engineering, and Head of the Weihenstephan Research Brewery.

In 2018 he left TUM and joined the company Steinecker (Krones AG) to support the Research and Development Department with his scientific expertise as a developing engineer. He supervises the trials in the Steinecker Technology Center from the scientific side, his main project was the further-development of the Steinecker Mash Filter.

Johannes published several papers and held numbers of international presentations.

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