LILLE 2024


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Nurturing Brewing Excellence, Facilitating Exchange, Shaping Progress

Lille 2024: 39th EBC Congress and 6th Brewers Forum will gather brewers of all scales, providers of top-quality ingredients, pioneers in innovative equipment, and stakeholders spanning the entirety of the beer value chain. It will serve as a platform for profound discussions and insights into the imminent developments that will shape the landscape of brewing. Through meticulously crafted plenary sessions, dynamic breakout seminars, and immersive practical workshops, we will delve deep into the core of crucial subjects within the beer industry.

These subjects will span from emerging brewing technologies and the honing of brewing skills to strategic marketing approaches, sustainable practices, the ever-evolving expectations of consumers, intricate trade dynamics, and the prevailing trends of the time.

The Brewers Forum - plenary sessions
The Brewers Forum - exhibition / trade show
The Brewers Forum - exhibition / trade show

Industry Voices Converge: Cultivating Dialogue and Insight

A Gathering of Minds, Fostering Conversation

Lille 2024: 39th EBC Congress and 6th Brewers Forum will be a hub where diverse voices from the industry converge, elevating discussions to new heights. Ranging from visionary leaders steering global corporations to brewing artisans, and from up-and-coming breweries charting innovative paths to long-standing family enterprises preserving heritage—these participants will continue to gather, sharing insights, captivating audiences, and engaging in enlightening peer dialogues.

Extending beyond the boundaries of a conventional conference, Lille 2024 will further evolve into a realm of relationship-building. It will be a space that nurtures connections, drawing together suppliers, distributors, and clients in an intimate trade show backdrop. This setting will foster significant interactions and cultivate the potential for future collaborations. The future iteration of the Brewers Forum and the EBC Congress will retain their roles as catalysts for growth and partnerships, contributing to the advancement of the industry through shared knowledge and meaningful alliances.

The Brewers Forum - Beer conference
The Brewers Forum - exhibition / trade show
The Brewers Forum - Networking

Biennial Fusion: The Brewers Forum & EBC Congress

A synergy of knowledge

Lille 2024 seamlessly brings together the 39th EBC Congress and the 6th Brewers Forum, forging a powerful synergy of knowledge, innovation, and industry foresight.

This harmonious blend will lead participants on a captivating journey through the rich tapestry of brewing excellence, where the interplay between tradition and innovation paints a vivid picture that honors the past while embracing the boundless potential of the future.

It brings together conferences on brewing, the business opportunities, its marketing and a trade show where brewers can find practical solutions to the challenges they face.