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Fermentis - Main sponsor of Lille 2024

Venue – Lille Grand Palais

Lille Grand Palais: Host Venue for Lille 2024 – 39th EBC Congress and The Brewers Forum 2024

Situated at the heart of the enchanting town of Lille, France, this exceptional Lille Grand Palais seamlessly blends modern sophistication with unparalleled functionality to provide an unforgettable setting for these prominent gatherings.

A Venue of Distinction

Lille Grand Palais stands as a symbol of architectural excellence and cutting-edge event facilities. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure and versatile spaces, it is perfectly equipped to accommodate the diverse needs of both the 39th EBC Congress and The Brewers Forum 2024. From conference halls to breakout rooms, exhibition spaces to networking lounges, this venue offers a comprehensive range of options to ensure a seamless flow of events.

Technological Excellence

Embracing the digital age, Lille Grand Palais boasts advanced technological features designed to enhance the experience of attendees and organizers alike. From high-speed internet connectivity to cutting-edge audio-visual equipment, every aspect has been carefully curated to support the smooth execution of Lille 2024 – 39th EBC Congress and The Brewers Forum.

Green Initiatives

Lille Grand Palais is committed to sustainable practices, embracing eco-friendly initiatives to minimize the environmental impact of events. The venue’s dedication to green practices aligns seamlessly with the values of the 39th EBC Congress and The Brewers Forum 2024, making it an ideal partner for gatherings focused on innovation and progress.