Technical visits – 29 May

Fermentis - Main sponsor of Lille 2024


The technical visits organised on Wednesday, the 29th of May, are only available to participants with a two-day ticket. If you purchase a two-day package ticket, one of these technical visits is already included. You will select it when purchasing your ticket, based on availabilities at the time of purchase. If you purchase a two-day single ticket (giving access to the conferences only), you can add one of the technical visits on demand (based on availabilities at the time of purchase). Quantities are limited.

Brasserie du Pays Flamand

Brasserie du Pays Flamand (Merville and Blaringhem sites)

The visit will allow participants to go to the original site of Blaringhem (hosting a restaurant and the barrel programme of the brewery) as well as the main production site located in Merville. It includes a lunch.


Brasserie du Pavé and Aux Enfants Terribles

This visit will start with a look to Brasserie du Pavé (southern of Lille), a 5000 hl brewery founded 10 years ago followed to the discovery of “Aux Enfants Terribles” (eastern of Lille), a brewpub, restaurant and event hosting venue opened in an old farm at the start of 2023. A lunch will be served at Aux Enfants Terribles before the bus brings participants back to Lille Grand Palais.

Malterie du Château

Malterie du Château

This visit offers the unique experience of discovering one of Europe’s oldest malting houses and malting company which created and still produce specialty malts for the entire brewing sector, ranging from the smallest to the largest brewing company throughout the world. Located in Belgium, this cross-border trip will offer you the opportunity to see how you malts are being made before they end up in your beer.



One of the world’s most famous yeast producers, Fermentis will offer the unique opportunity to discover three places at once: 1/ the Fermentis Campus and 2/ the Fermentis pilot brewery located in the original headquarter (dated 1853, when the family-owned company was founded!) as well as 3/ their research and development centre (5 km away). This visit is not available to competing yeast producers, though.

Brasserie du Borinage

Brasserie du Borinage

It’s a story of comrades that begins at the beginning of 2019. Friends who love beer and their region embark on a rather ambitious project: Brew real quality craft beers while promoting the Borinage Attitude.