Technical Visits – 29 May

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Malterie du Château

Maximum capacity : 45 persons
Departure (from Lille Grand Palais): 08:30 | Arrival (to Lille Grand Palais): 13:00
There will be no dropping-off at the airport

This visit offers the unique experience of discovering one of Europe’s oldest malting house and malting company which created and still produce specialty malts for the entire brewing sector, ranging from the smallest to the largest brewing company throughout the world. Located in Belgium, this cross-border trip will offer you the opportunity to see how you malts are being made before they end up in your beer.

Malterie du Château

Founded in 1868, Castle Malting® is the oldest malting company in Belgium, the closest place to heaven for true beer lovers, Belgian Beer Culture being recognized by UNESCO as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. To meet the quality requirements of this vast variety of beers, Castle Malting® has developed an entire spectrum of premium base and specialty malts, offering today more than 100 different types of malt.

More than 4000 breweries in 147 countries worldwide have chosen our malts to brew a broad range of beer styles from Pilsner and White beers to dark Abbey, Stouts, Porters, and any style of organic beer.

Adhering strictly to a policy of preserving a healthy planet for future generations, we regularly evaluate our environmental performance and continue to invest in further enhancing our ecological efficiency. Accordingly, we are developing and implementing strict environmentally-friendly procurement and production procedures with a commitment to powering our malting plants with 100% fossil-free energy in the near future.

Castle Malting is proud to have won the Gold Medal at Global Brewing Supply Awards 2022. This award confirms our unshakable commitment to continuous innovation, sustainability, and supply chain agility. It highlights our ongoing focus on providing the best comprehensive service and offering products of unrivalled quality.