Call for Abstracts – Lille 2024: 39th EBC Congress & Brewers Forum

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Call for Abstracts – Lille 2024: 39th EBC Congress & Brewers Forum

Lille 2024 - 39th EBC Congress and The Brewers Forum

The 39th EBC Congress, together with the Brewers Forum, will be held in Lille, France from 26 to the 30 May 2024.

As is customary, the EBC programme of the joint Lille 2024 event will rely exclusively on technical contributions from the brewing scientific community and EBC stakeholders. A call for abstracts for poster presentations is scheduled to until Sunday, the 21st of January (abstracts have to be submitted before 23:59 on Sunday, the 21st of January). The tool makes provision for a wide variety of brewing scientific topics and brewery technological aspects. Please note that only abstracts submitted through the online submission tool, which can be accessed below, will be considered:

The available categories for submitting your abstract are as follows:

  • Analysis and quality management methododgy (raw materials, process, product, research)
  • Barley breeding and agronomy
  • Beer quality – foam / haze
  • Beer quality – sensory
  • Brewery and malting process – co-products
  • Downstream processing, filtration and stabilisation (incl. auxiliary and process aids)
  • Environmental sustainability relevant to the brewing process
  • Hops and hop products
  • Hop breeding, hop growing and agronomy
  • Malting science – malt production and quality
  • Brewery and maltings management
  • Technical Development (novel process, novel product, novel packaging)
  • Wort production and wort quality
  • Yeast and fermentation (Saccharomyces-based beer production)
  • Non-Saccharomyces fermentations, sour beers, kveik, and traditional indigenous beer-like beverage production
  • Consumer preference studies

Kindly reserve these dates in your diaries so that you can join us in the vibrant region of northern France, renowned for its warm hospitality, diverse beer styles, and unique way of life.

We eagerly anticipate your contributions and presence in Lille next year!