In focus – Improve the brewing process!

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In focus – Improve the brewing process!

Improving the process of brewing beer

Optimizing the brewing process is crucial for any size of the brewery, whether large, medium-sized, or small. There is always room for improvement, whether it’s in the hot or cold side of the process. The EBC Congress and the Brewers Forum offer valuable insights for brewers looking to enhance their brewing processes.

Sensory, flavour, and science

The process of making beer is incredibly diverse, as is the beer itself, which includes non-alcoholic and low-alcohol segments. As a result, there are many ways to enhance the beer’s stability. The EBC Congress will hold a 4-presentation session, which will explore how to improve the flavour stability of non-alcoholic beers, both during the brewing process and bottling. The session will cover ways to improve stability during the brewhouse, in the whirlpool, and during bottle conditioning. Advances in Beer Flavour Stability

  • Another EBC Congress session will be dedicated to discussing sensory technology and its role in understanding and enhancing the flavours of beer. The flavour is a crucial factor in distinguishing one beer from another and standing out in the competitive beer market. The EBC Congress will hold a four-presentation session exclusively on this topic. Flavour Science & Brewing Technology
  • This session at the EBC Congress will feature three expert presenters who will delve into the fascinating science of sensory applied to beer. They will explore the various aspects of beer-making, right from the initial malt process, all the way through to the production of ethanol.
    Sensory science in brewing

Mastering the fermentation process

Fermentation is a crucial process in beer-making that gives it its unique taste and character. The EBC Congress has dedicated a four-presentation session to discuss fermentation in detail. The session covers topics such as optimizing the fermentation process for consistent quality and flavour, the metabolism of Maillard reaction products by saccharomyces yeast, the impact of fermentation temperature on polyfunctional thiol biotransformation, and the behaviour of yeast with reduced sensitivity to PYF. Yeast & Fermentation

The importance of analysis and measurement for quality

Analysis and measurement play a crucial role in ensuring that the beer meets the desired quality standards. Whether it’s a rapid method, PCR analysis, or the assistance of AI, analyzing and measuring help maintain consistent beer quality. This is particularly relevant for dry-hopped beer. The EBC Congress will conduct a 4-presentation session to review the latest developments in this matter. Analysis & Quality Measurement


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