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In focus – Grow your business!

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Crafting beer involves more than just brewing; it encompasses marketing, sales, and the transformation of a brewery into a thriving business. Gain invaluable insights and strategies to elevate your brewery’s success at the Brewers Forum and EBC Congress. Improve your business with expert perspectives and strategies!

Improving your ways of working

Thriving breweries prioritize employee well-being for optimal focus and productivity. Explore this crucial topic during these two sessions at the Brewers Forum.

  • Discover insights on brewery working conditions, with a session featuring two speakers emphasizing safety. A safer workplace translates to fewer issues and heightened employee productivity.
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  • Explore the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies in and beyond the brewery at another session of the Brewers Forum. Learn how these policies protect workers, foster a safe environment for all, and encourage partners throughout the value chain to uphold these principles.
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Planning a strategy for your brewery: looking forward!

It’s imperative to adapt both your business plan and long-term strategy to the evolving dynamics of the brewing industry. Inflationary pressures, escalating raw material costs, shifting consumer preferences, and global instability necessitate a reevaluation of traditional approaches. Breweries must embark on a journey of reinvention, challenging the notion of growth as an inherent goal. Within the Brewers Forum, two dedicated panel sessions delve into these pivotal topics, fostering dialogue and innovation within the industry.

  • The first session focuses on the new brewing context and how breweries can adjust their strategies. A family regional brewery from the United Kingdom will explain how they deal with the impact of Brexit, a family brewery from Belgium will explain how they adjust to climate change and deal with exports and finally, a young brewery from Hungary will explain how their brewhub works and how they look at the future.
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  • Two emerging breweries, founded merely a decade and fifteen years ago, respectively, will share their remarkable trajectories of growth. Amidst their burgeoning success, they will engage in a candid dialogue exploring the desirability of growth, the practical implications as both financiers and brewers of small-scale operations, and strategies for effectively managing expansion.
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Knowing your product and promoting it (and your brewery)

Last but certainly not least, it’s crucial to market both your beer and your brewery as valuable assets that should not be underestimated. Two Brewers Forum sessions will provide practical examples and inspiration to guide you in this endeavour.

Firstly, while you may brew exceptional beer, it’s essential to accurately evaluate its flavours and articulate them in a manner that resonates with your customers, whether they are individual consumers or hospitality clients. Acquiring a deep understanding of your beer and effectively translating this knowledge into a potent marketing tool is the most impactful way to elevate your sales.

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Don’t underestimate the potential of your brewery! It undoubtedly holds a unique story waiting to be shared, forging a strong connection between your brewery, your beers, and your customers. What better avenue to showcase this narrative than through tourism? Attracting new visitors not only adds value to your beer but also elevates the profile of your brewery. A dedicated session will explore the intersection of tourism with labels, museums, and touristic routes, providing insights into leveraging these avenues to boost beer sales effectively.

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