Lille 2024 – In focus – Sustainable brewing!

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Lille 2024 – In focus – Sustainable brewing!

In focus – Sustainable brewing!

The focus of Lille 2024’s programme will be on the impact of climate change on beer and its raw materials, as well as the steps that can be taken by breweries to become more sustainable. The 39th EBC Congress and the 6th Brewers Forum are collaborating to present a series of sessions that will highlight sustainability.

Lille 2024 presents an excellent opportunity for brewers and scientists to showcase their latest scientific innovations and research, and for brewers to exchange their ideas and experiences. Let’s take a closer look at what this part of the programme has to offer!

Sustainability across the process

This EBC Congress session will address sustainability across the brewing process, starting with energy and how wort boiling systems can be optimized, and also reviewing the application of heat pump solutions. Additionally, the conference will address the use of water in brewing, as well as the revalorisation of spent hops from dry-hopping, which can benefit both brewers and the environment.

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Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation

This Brewers Forum session will focus on the environmental impact of packaging. The European Union is currently revising the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation, with the aim of setting binding targets for collection and reuse rates for beverage producers. This could have significant consequences for breweries. During this session, speakers will provide an update on the state of discussions and also discuss how different systems work in different countries. For instance, France has recycling and some reuse targets, while one Nordic country has an operational Deposit Return Scheme.

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Reducing CO2 emissions in the beer value chain

The emissions that occur outside of the brewery, but are related to the production of beer are known as scope-3 emissions. These emissions contribute significantly to the overall CO2 emissions of beer and offer an area where improvements can be made. This Brewers Forum session will highlight the efforts of farmers, maltsters, and brewers to reduce these emissions and move towards achieving zero-net emissions.

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Addressing the critical resource of water!

Last but not least, water! This critical resource is currently under stress. Many European countries and regions have witnessed intense droughts in the last five years which have led to water usage restrictions. Much can be done, however, to reduce water usage and also to minimise water losses throughout the process. The Brewers Forum dedicates an entire session to this topic, hopefully inspiring many breweries across the continent!

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