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Nicolas Lescieux

L'échappée Bière

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Nicolas Lescieux is the co-founder & CEO of L’Echappée Bière, the number one beer tourism agency in France. He has been designing and running the tourism offer of the agency for 10 years. He has also initiated a number of projects to develop and promote beer tourism : from the BAL Festival (Bière A Lille Festival) to the Abbey Beer Festival, from the free independant media Route Bière (Beer road) to the organisation of the first beer tourism conference in France… He was recently a member of the advisory panel for the Beer City project, soon to be set up in the Hauts de France region.

L'échappée Bière

Founded in Lille 10 years ago, L’Echappée Bière is the only tourism and business tourism agency 100% dedicated to beer in France. Why did the 4 CEO decide to specialize their agency in beer culture, people and sites connected to this theme ? Simply because just as wine is related to Bordeaux, beer is one of the most important part of the Hauts-de-France history & heritage. It has influenced and shaped its culture and has become a representation of the regional identity. L’Echappée Bièreprovides different beer activities to discover this wonderful heritage : beer & brewery tours, beer treasure hunts, visits, and tasting workshops. Through a variety of themed tours ranging from excursions to stays and business trips, the agency takes tourists on a discovery of the region through the prism of beer and gastronomy. 

More broadly, over the last 10 years teh agency has been involved in a number of initiatives to promote the region’s brewing heritage. From festivals to White Papers, from conferences to beer public events, and more recently with the production of a memorandum on the Cité de la Bière project, the team has worked tirelessly to promote the french brewing industry and its development in terms of tourism and events. For the past 3 years, the founding members of L’Echappée Bière have also managed the EBC (Expertise Bière Conseil) consultancy agency, which supports breweries in their communication, marketing and tourism strategies. 

Facebook & Instagram : @echappeebiere