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Mathieu Lesenne

Brasserie du Pays Flamand

The Brewers Forum

After years in banking and finance, I decided to run my business in 2006 with my dear friend Olivier. As a beer lover, maybe thanks to my grandma’s home brews, the brewery appeared as evidence to me. Now, I am proud to manage this fifty-person company behind our flagship beer Anosteké, which means ‘See you soon’ in Flemish slang. 

My background is in business development and finance. My favorite hobby is trying new recipes for beverages inspired by tradition, history, and nature. Thanks to Olivier’s precious friendship and incredible knowledge, we have developed our brewery in the heart of the Flemish County where beer built the landscape (hops and cereals fields) and the inhabitant personality (bravery and friendship). 

I am involved in Energy Transition. I manage the decarbonization of my company, but I am also a member of the board of Agrospheres, where I try to convince the agro-food industry to switch to a low-carbon model. 

Brasserie du Pays Flamand

Brasserie du Pays Flamand was created in 2006 from scratch by Olivier Duthoit (Biotechnology – brewing engineer) and Mathieu Lesenne (Business and Finance Master’s degree) in the French part of Flanders. In the beginning, before the beer revolution, it was a big challenge to develop a craft beer business in the land of wine. But thanks to a big community, high-quality raw materials, and worldwide awards, this small brewery became one of the favorites of the North of France. Today we brew more than 40 000 Hl/year with a 50 passionate people crew. 2 breweries: 10 Hl brewhouse focuses on barrel aging and 40 Hl brewhouse focuses on flagship beers. 2023 Best Tripel – World Beer Award, 2022 Gold awarded in World Beer Cup, 2021 Best Pale Ale – World Beer Award.