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Pip Young

Pip Young

The Coven

The Brewers Forum

Pip Young is a British beer industry professional and founder of THE COVEN, an umbrella activist-collective hybrid. She is passionate about making the beer industry more inclusive and equitable for women.

Named as one of Pellicle Magazine’s ‘Trendsetters and Trailblazers of 2023’, Young has over 7 years of experience in the beer industry, working in a variety of roles, including retail, sales, and production. She currently works as Events and Marketing Officer for the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA).

Pip launched The Coven in response to the beer industry’s #MeToo moment. The Coven is a space for women to connect, learn, and share their experiences. It also provides a platform for women to raise awareness about the issues they face in the beer industry and to advocate for change.

Young is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in the beer industry. She believes that the industry needs to do more to welcome and support women and those in minority groups. She is also committed to making the beer industry more sustainable.

Young is a role model for otherised folk in the beer industry, acting as advocate, mentor and friend. She is a powerful voice for change and is helping to make the industry a more inclusive and equitable place.

Within her current role she is running the regional and national competitions, organising all ither SIBA events and now dipping a toe into feature writing for SIBA’s magazine, The Independent Brewer.
A notable event where her role as Supreme of The Coven and duties at SIBA merged beautifully was the UKs 1st showcase of Brave Noise beers at the British Guild of Beer Writers Award ceremony and dinner. Helping brew a Brave Noise project beer, with Hand Brew Co. Then serving from the SIBA bar amongst member’s award-winning beer was a highlight of her short time at SIBA.

The Coven

30SIXCo was created as a platform for founder Pip Young to launch all her beer related projects from. ‘’ An attempt to organise the ADHD chaos that can swell from some of my more manic traits. ‘’

Loving beer and keen to ensure the industries surrounding it have longevity, naturally brought Pip to sustainability, and at the heart of that goal she realised must be diversity.

Young believes that only varied ideas, varied strengths, and varied perspectives will create an eco-system rich in solutions and will have the ability to successfully adapt to an ever-changing world and market.

Through 30SIXCo, training sessions on Beer, Brewing and Equity and Diversity can be sought, but the most notable project to be born is THE COVEN, and THE WELLNESS OFFICER Programme it is best known for.

WELLNESS OFFICERS are trained individuals who are deployed within beer festivals and other events, to safeguard good vibes for all.

Trained in first aid, Mental health first aid and perform duties akin to Active By-standing adapted from the model introduced by The SAFE Bar Network in the US.

More than just offering risk assessments, plasters, chargers or taxi queue chaperones, WELLNESS OFFICERS are welcoming to all and ensure that in the rare incidents where more robust services are needed, the victim is cared for at every stage.

Ideally through tactful intervention, situations can be quickly de-escalated, ensuring all can continue to drink their beloved beverage.

Beer has the potential to connect communities, but no one should be blind to the difficulties of integrating our beer spaces. Gender, disability, sexual orientation, race, or neuro type should not be a factor in accessing beer.

So, THE COVEN will educate and lead by example, to demonstrate that welcoming healthy beer spaces will only positively affect beer and will always be a home to those ‘otherised’ in beer.