Brewing the perfect lager!

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Brewing the perfect lager!


Brewing a lager can sometimes be a complicated process, as this beer style requires a lot of care, attention and talent. Very often brewed by the larger, longer established breweries, small breweries engaged in top-fermentation now start to look at this style, invest the category and reinvent it, as Maurizio Maestrelli reported back in 2019.

Eric and Yvan, two reputed brew masters with different backgrounds and stories, will explain, through an open discussion moderated by John Brauer (EBC Executive Officer and also lager expert), the do’s and don’t’s small brewers need to pay attention to brew the perfect lager. Building upon their experience in lager – be it 30-years long for Eric and his Bavarian Helles and Pilsner brewing skills or relatively recent for Yvan whose Brasserie de la Senne launched its first Pilsner more than a year ago – they will respond to questions from the attendees.

This session is focused on small brewers who want to join the lager world or want to perfect their art. They can listen and question a brewer (Yvan) who built his brewery’s reputation on its successful top-fermenting beer and reinvented the wheel to expand its portfolio to lager ,as well as a brewer (Eric) who has been constantly brewing top-quality bottom-fermentation beers for the last 30 years.