Lille 2024 – In focus – Brew better!

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Lille 2024 – In focus – Brew better!

Brewing beer

Join us at Lille 2024 to explore the latest Brewing, Business Strategy, and Sustainability developments. Our program covers a wide range of topics that will help you stay ahead of the curve. To make your experience more productive, we’ve highlighted the EBC and Brewers Forum’s sessions for each thematic block. These sessions are designed to provide valuable insights and practical tips for your business.

This year’s programme heavily delves into brewing processes and brewing technologies, covering several angles: from raw materials to brewing techniques and technologies to beer styles. Discover the brewing programme in more detail!

The EBC Congress, which features presentations by brewers and scientists showcasing their latest scientific discoveries and research, will be joining forces with the Brewers Forum, a platform for brewers to share their knowledge and insights. The focus of the event in Lille in 2024 will be on brewing technologies, processes, and habits. Let’s take a closer look!

Beer styles: saison and NABLAB!

  • Saison, a beer style originating from the shared French-Belgian areas of Hainaut and Flanders cannot find a better place to be discussed in depth than Lille! Yvan De Baets (Brasserie de la Senne) and Olivier Dedeycker (Brasserie Dupont, renowned for being the archetype of saison) together with Gabriele Siracusa (Birraficio Alveria) join forces to present the style and confront views on how breweries are innovating to modernise this style and offer new drinking experiences to consumers.
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  • The non- and low-alcoholic beer segment is growing strongly in almost all European markets, with lots of innovation recently making those beers taste better and better. 4 speakers will present their research during this EBC Congress session focused entirely on this important topic, showcasing what is the most important technological developments in the matter.
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Brewing techniques and technologies

  • Wort will be the core focus of a 3-presentation session of the EBC Congress programme. The tricky question of the starch-enzyme balance for efficient brewing will be dealt with, as well as increased filter capacity and the relation between starch properties and amylolytic enzyme and fermentability.
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  • Downstream processes are also covered by 3 speakers in another EBC Congress session. Accelerated beer processes will be covered by one of the presenters. In this session, research on pasteurisation optimisation by using yeast ascopores will be presented as well and fining solutions in unfiltered beer will be looked at in great detail.
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Raw materials and their impact on brewing

The key for every brewery is to understand the raw materials, the impact they have on brewing and how to adjust your practice to the malt and hops you have at your disposal.

  • A 4-presentation session of the EBC Congress will focus entirely and specifically on the impact of malt and adjuncts on brewing. It will explore the new barley stress-resistant cultivars, the impact of drying barley as well as how different rice cultivars operate in brewing.
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  • Hop will also feature prominently in the EBC Congress programme. A session of 4 presentations will cover the entire journey of hops in beer: from hop kilning techniques and their impact on beer and sustainability to a comparison between liquid and solid forms of hop aromas, to the impact of aged hops in the kettle and during dry-hopping to the residual enzymatic activities of hops and spices in dry-hopped beers.
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