Making great beer in wine and spirits barrels!

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Making great beer in wine and spirits barrels!


Many brewers are now paying attention to being sustainable and work out circularity scheme for the benefit of the planet. But do they know it can also benefit the beer’s profile? Actually, many brewers do know and have invested into re-using old wine and/or spirits barrels to provide their beers with typical flavors!

Our two experts will explain how they work out beer maturation in repurposed barrels. Matt, from Firestone Walker Brewing Company in the United States, has specialized in re-using spirits barrel to impart specific flavours to the beer. Jocelyn, from the French Brasserie L’Effet Papillon in the heartland of French wine region Bordeaux, will explain how he mixes old wine-containing barrels and mixed fermentation to add the specific local flavor to his beers.