Raising the bar: future of sustainable beer

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Raising the bar: future of sustainable beer


Sustainability is a game changer for the entire world and also for the beer industry. Brewers as well as consumers and the beer supply chain have already taken a lot of initiatives (some of them can be discovered here) to make the brewing business even more sustainable and this trend will just continue and be stepped up by brewers themselves.

In our session “Raising the bar: future of sustainable beer”, our panelists Paolo Lanzarotti (Chief Executive Officer Asahi Europe & International), Alexis Morgan (Global Head of Water Stewardship, World Wildlife Fund), (tbc) Alain De Laet (Chief Executive Officer and owner of Huyghe Brewery), Julia Leferman (General Manager, Brewers of Romania Association) and Sofie Vanrafelghem (International beer expert) will discuss how the brewing industry can embrace the challenges of sustainability to develop a blossoming industry that cares for the planet, the people and the consumers.

The panel will be moderated by Marverine Cole, award winning journalist, broadcaster and beer sommelier.

Organised with support from BBC Worldwide, this session will also kick off the new “Raising the Bar” series, produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, which will be taking a look at the brewing sector across Europe over the next 12 months.