Selling beer in the digital age!

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Selling beer in the digital age!


The Covid-19 lockdowns and closure of the hospitality sector taught something to many companies, and breweries in particular: time has come to embrace the digitalization of the economy and use it to reach out to current as well as new customers. For many brewers, this was a matter of survival in this difficult period where bars and restaurants were closed. Many breweries have been creative, working with e-shops, organising click-and-collect and home delivery services and many also boosted their visibility on the net or on social media.

Now that hospitality is re-opening throughout Europe and that restrictions are progressively lifted, all these solutions are there to stay and generate a new growth channel for breweries of all sizes, including the smallest ones. E-beer-shops have developed and will remain. Consumers expect to find their beers online and to enjoy a different customer experience with click-and-collect and delivery services. How can brewers embrace this new growth channel? What are the strategic considerations to pay attention to?

Our two experts, Clo Willaerts (Program manager Digital Business at Karel de Grote College in Antwerp, Belgium) and Hugo Hanselman (Director of HuHeHa and CEO of B-Sprouts), will dive into the topic, guiding brewers through the exciting world of the digital economy and will provide them with strategic and practical advice on how to transform the “likes” on social media into sales and on what to consider to develop Direct-To-Consumers beer sales.